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This entry was posted in Linux Reference Technology and tagged bash bug Fedora 14 Fedora 15 Fedora 16 Fedora 17 Fedora 18 Fedora 19 GNU patch patch bash manually patch old Fedora shellshock shellshock bug on With the announcement of the Shellshock Bash Bug, Linux admins around the world have been scrambling to patch their Bash shells so that they’re no longer vulnerable to the exploit.

If you want to use an version of Bash—or even Zsh—as your shell, you can install it by using Homebrew, a package manager for OS X.In that case, you can actually download the Bash source, manually apply all the patches, and compile and install it manually. In fact, check out the comments for reports of people successfully patching all the way back to Fedora 4 using this method!Ubuntu users: There’s actually no reason this approach won’t work with Linux-based OS, including Ubuntu.It is the default shell included within Ubuntu and other Linux distros, and in Mac OS.Users type commands into a shell to execute scripts and/or run commands and tools to accomplish many tasks.

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