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He was a software engineer or did something in tech (as they all did). I don’t think he asked me a single question about myself.Our date—if you call these impromptu Internet meetings, dates—lasted an hour.It felt more like a job interview, but not the way a date is supposed to be a job interview.There was no grilling about where you were from and what your family was like and what you were looking for.In some quarters, the pursuit of casual sex by young women has even become a badge of feminist correctness.

But when we limit the young men to those who are , the ratio falls to 84 employed single men for every 100 single women.

As for finding the right hookup, there is now—what else—an app for that, in the form of Tinder, wherein prowling singles can size up the photos of available others within a certain radius of their location.

(So rabid was Tinder’s popularity in Sochi’s Olympic Village this winter, its cofounder issued a statement exhorting Team USA to put down their Tinder profiles and get their heads back in the game.) Today’s teens and twentysomethings live in a society that’s all but turning down the beds and setting out the dental dams for the little dears.

” A puppy who was for the first time enjoying that oh-so-vaguely defined activity, hooking up.

“Everyone seems to have their own definition,” Jo told me. The hookup—a brief sexual encounter between individuals who aren’t romantic partners—has made enough alarmist news over the last two years as the millennial generation’s horny replacement for dating that I felt like I should know something about it, being the mother of a teenage girl and all. What’s new is the cultural expectation surrounding it.

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Among the most frustrating aspects of Tinder is the constant back-and-forth it takes to actually set up a date—pending you want a date to be more than an ice cream and love-making sesh, an event I’ve coined the “cone-n-bone.” How About We has always been about bypassing the low-grade chitchat by immediately supplying a date spot for you and your new date to talk about the idea of eventually having pre-coital ice cream.

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