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But last week, the high court ruled in favour of the college, claiming that if they were bold enough to decide to live together "without even contracting a marriage," they should also be ready to fact the "consequences." Given that we live in a city that is young in more ways than one, it is necessary to explore just how free we are, as adults, to make our own personal decisions.

To get some answers, we started by speaking to Asim Sarode, a human rights analyst and advocate. There is no law against premarital sex or a live-in relationship and neither does the college have any right to interfere in what students do outside its gates.

The consensual age is 18 and both of them are above the age," he points out.

And while professors in the city agree with Asim, that this was not justice, they insist that an educational institution has certain moral commitments to its students.

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